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Industrial Revolutionists

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Musically, you like industrial, elektro-industrial, industrial-rock, EBM, noise, power noise, and digital hardcore. You like your politics radical.

You might like: SPK, Skinny Puppy, snog, KMFDM/MDFMK, Funker Vogt, Birmingham 6, Test Dept, Ministry, Laibach, Stromkern, Sister Machine Gun, Foetus, Negative land, Nitzer Ebb, Project Pitchfork, Pig Face, Pop Will Eat Itself, Velvet Acid Christ, Atari Teenage Riot, Attrition, The Shizit, Winterkalte, Terrorfakt, !Tchkung!, din_fiv, Missing Foundation, Cycloon, Battery Cage, Flesh Field, Assemblage 23, Sonic Noise Terrorists, New Mind, Construggle Test, Babyland, Devolver, Coito, Praxis, NIHL 0, Buropolitik, Dismantled, and you like it even more if they mix in some Chomsky.

You wear entirely too much black, and would even if there wasn't a black bloc. Your favorite shade of green is viridian. You would take the red pill. You're considering cruelty-free fetish gear. Gas masks and goggles are not just a fashion accessories, they are also an essential equipment for defending your freedom of assembly. You are at ease making jokes about democidal totalitarian regimes, but the more you talk about it, the less funny it is. You wonder if the end of patriarchy will make BDSM sex less interesting. You've found revolutionary potential in many spiritualities, and also the lack of any. You'd be a nihilist if only they weren't so negative! Your advocacy of cannibalism seems insincere when you contemplate being a vegetarian. The plot of Fight Club seem like a reasonable progression of events. You meet the Complete Cyberpunk Fakebook's definition of a wobbly. You think corporations are the only vampires in the world: being immortal, gifted with supernatural powers, controlling the government, and feeding off the blood and dreams of everyone they touch. You don't like it when neo-nazis crash your multi-ethnic sex-positive club scene and beat up your friends because of who they are.