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Manufacturing Dissent
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Friday, November 26th, 2010
8:31 pm
Friday, June 24th, 2005
12:34 pm
Skinny Puppy: Darker Swing of the Pendulum
Interview from Regen magazine:

Skinny Puppy - Darker swing of the pendulum

After nearly a decade since their last release, The Process, Skinny Puppy have made a roaring comeback with their latest album, The Greater Wrong of the Right. One can get a glimpse into the direction of the album by merely reading the title. Skinny Puppy are launching a not-so-timid attack on the political power-brokers of the United States. They have created a markedly different album than their musical forays from the past, due in large part to new collaborations with several notable musicians. A lot of old fans have cried foul because of this striking modernization in the Skinny Puppy sound; some people have even cited the band as traitors to America in the Wolrd Wide Echo Chamber. If there's anything that Skinny Puppy doesn't lack, it's an ability to stir debate and generate (hopefully) meaningful discussion. This is part one of a two-part interview with Ogre, dealing primarily with politics. Part two is a discussion of the artistic side of Skinny Puppy. It's morning in America when Ogre phones in to talk to ReGen's pHil.PTI...
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12:30 pm
Skinny Puppy: On Societal Ills and Political Subterfuge
On Societal Ills and Political Subterfuge: Ogre and gentler, humbler Skinny Puppy

By Dæmon / Transcription by DJ TLC

Published by Sick Among The Pure


SATP: Obviously, you’re not a big fan of the Bush administration, as very few of us are. Why do you choose to live in the States as opposed to Canada?

Ogre: I’m all about experience right now I came down here with three bags, met my ex-wife and so, I kind of needed a place to stop. And it’s a really weird place to decide to stay…

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